What to expect at Spero Summer Camp

At Spero PPA, our mission is to build community, foster character development, and encourage creative potential for youth in our community by providing an experience in theatre education and performance in a positive environment.

Our summer camp is the perfect place for young performers of any level to join a community where they can expand their creativity, leadership, and performance skills while having a ton of fun making new friends and incredible memories! We strive to encourage every single student to step out of their comfort zone, try something new, and be the best they can be on stage and along side their peers.


Singing, Acting, and Dancing
Our campers get to experience the fundamental skills involved in musical theatre, with rotations each day involving singing, acting, and dancing. They learn from instructors and get an opportunity to create their own performances, working together and designing their own show.


You can't have a summer camp without getting outside and playing some crazy camp games! Every day, students will be broken up into teams and play a ridiculously fun (and safe) group game to get out the wiggles and just have some good, old fashioned fun! Each day's game is different, sometimes even involving water or sweet treats!


Showcase Performance
At the end of each week, campers will put on a spectacular performance for their friends and family! Throughout the week, they will have put together a great show, made up of skits and musical numbers that they will have created and come up with as a team. This year's theme is Heros vs Villains! We can't wait to see what these performers will come up with! You won't want to miss the Showcase, each week on Friday at 6:30pm!

If you would like your child to be a part of creating something larger than life in a safe, encouraging, and fun environment, then sign them up for Spero Summer Camp 2019! They won't be disappointed!

Erin Koshay