SAVE THE TREES! Support our needs for monthly storage costs.

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We are amazed!

Spero Program for the Performing Arts has grown so much in our first two years of programs!

With that growth, we have had a significant increase in our need for larger storage space. Thanks to the generosity of our friends at Hope International University, we have been able to utilize space on their campus to store our props and costumes and some set materials. Unfortunately, space is limited. This typically means we are forced to destroy the beautiful sets we build for each show and get rid of several larger prop pieces - throwing away perfectly good materials that can either be rented out to other theatres, reused for repeated shows, or re-purposed for future shows. This means time and money being thrown down the drain when we have to purchase more and more materials for each show and require repeated work for our builders. We HATE this! We have a solution, but it requires some help!

This is where you come in!

We are seeking a handful of friends in our community to become monthly supporters of Spero PPA to help us solve this problem. We have just rented out a larger, off site storage space. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit, all of the money we make from student production fees, camp fees, and show tickets goes right back into the programming costs. In order for us to keep this storage space (and eventually upgrade when the need arises) it is essential that we seek donors willing to provide a monthly contribution to this need.

We know that storage is not a very exciting topic. It may seem like we should be putting more of our efforts and money into our programming for the kids. However, we cannot continue to grow, put on programs like our camps and our shows, and increase the quality and reach of our programs without the unexciting topic of storage space rentals. If we can raise enough funds monthly to support our storage needs, we get to put more of our money earned from show tickets and program fees directly into all of our programming.

Currently, our storage space costs us $260 a month. This means we just need 13 supporters to offer $20 a month or 26 supporters at just $10 a month! Any amount helps us continue to use this space and will save us hundreds of dollars in materials and many, many hours of work!

If you feel lead to become one of our monthly supporters - even if it is only $5 a month - please click the button below and thank you so much for your support of Spero PPA and you support of the students in our community who we have the privilege of impacting through the arts each year.

Erin Koshay