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There is a place for you at Spero! Our programs provide a place for students of every level of experience and interest to become involved. Read below for more information about our specific programs.  

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Our Programs



Summer camp provides an opportunity for kids to discover and experience the world of performing arts in an accessible and enjoyable way.  From those who have not had any exposure to performing arts, to those who have lots of experience, every student will benefit from the program.  Spero’s summer camp is unique from other summer arts camps, in that we empower campers to show their own creativity and leadership through writing, performing and directing their peers. Camp is a great place for someone who has never had any stage experience to get his/her “feet wet”, and it is an equally great place for those who have some experience to go deeper in their knowledge and encounter more hands-on learning.

Click here to read our blog post about what to expect at Camp!


July 8-12, 2019 | July 22-26, 2019


9:30am- 3:00pm


Hope International University


Early Bird Rate (Expires June 1, 2019) - $195

Regular Rate (Expires July 1 for first week of camp, and July 8th for second week) - $225

Sibling Discount - $145 for Early Bird, $175 for Regular



Audition Workshop

Spero provides a free audition workshop, where those interested in auditioning for a show can come and be informed about the audition process.  Students and parents who attend the workshop will gain an understanding of what is expected at auditions and will have the chance to ask any questions they have about the auditions and show.  The audition workshop is brief, and is not required in order to audition. However, we do recommend the workshop for those who have not auditioned with us before. Click on the button to RSVP!



August 3, 2019


10:30 - 11:30am


Hope International University, Room 105