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We welcome students of all levels of experience to audition for our fall show! Auditions are open to students ages 8-18. Auditions occur in a three-step process, over the course of two days.  Scroll down to find out more about our audition process.

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 If you have never auditioned with Spero PPA, you may want to attend our short Audition Workshop on August 3rd! Click here to see the details!

Step 1

Day 1: Vocal Audition

Each auditioner should prepare a 1-minute segment of a song in the Broadway style/genre.  The song should fit the singer’s vocal range, and reflect the character or style of the show for which they are auditioning. The auditioner will perform their song for the directors. Vocal auditions are individual, closed auditions.  Auditioners should sign up for a vocal audition time slot, and arrive a few minutes early for check in.

Step 2

Day 2: Dance Audition

Dance auditions occur in a group setting.  Auditioners will be taught a dance sequence by the choreographer and be given ample time to learn and practice as a large group.  The group will then be split into groups of 4-5 people and each small group will perform the choreography for the directors. Dance auditions are required for everyone.

Step 3


Directors will invite certain students to return for a callback.  The purpose of callbacks is to go more in depth with the performers in order to determine who is the best fit for each part. Auditioners will be given portions of the script for reading, and directors will help them learn portions of songs from the show.  Those who are called back will be expected to sing alone and read with others in a group. Auditioners who wish to be considered for a lead role must be available for callbacks.

Upcoming Audition Dates